Gender, Age and Disability Analysis of the 2023 Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment (MSNA) in Moldova

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Over two years since the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, the needs of refugee households displaced from Ukraine to Moldova have evolved, in line with the length of their displacement, dwindling resources and a greater need for reintegration support. In mid-2023, a Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) was launched in Moldova to provide up-to-date multi-sectoral data about the needs and coping capacities of these households to inform the 2024 Ukraine Situation Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP). The MSNA looks at the household composition of refugees, including key demographics; the priority needs of refugee households pertaining to different sectors; the coping capacity and vulnerability/ resilience; and identifies household profiles with the most critical needs.

To further assess how needs, coping capacity, and resilience differs for women, men, people with disabilities, and people of different age groups, UN Women conducted a targeted analysis of needs along gender and inclusion lines based on the REACH 2023 MSNA data. Given that the MSNA uses a household-level unit of analysis for most indicators, UN Women examined differences between households with female and male respondents, male- and female-headed households with and without children, households with or without a person with a disability, households based in different regions of Moldova, and respondents of different age groups, in order to assess whether these groups experience more severe needs or increased barriers to assistance.

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