Childcare spaces open in Căușeni, creating new opportunities for mothers and children


UN Women, with financial support from the Government of Japan, inaugurated two child-friendly spaces in the center of Căușeni, a city located in southern Moldova. Set up to support women and promote child development, these spaces represent a commitment to women's economic empowerment and improving quality of life in the community.

Childcare rooms, Causeni
H.E. Yamada Yoichiro, Ambassador of Japan to Chisinau, Dominika Stojanoska, Country Representative of UN Women Moldova, and the UN Women team visiting Public Kindergarten No.7 in Causeni. Photo: UN Women Moldova

Designed with mothers and children in mind, one of these spaces recently opened at the Căușeni factory of conTeyor, a global packaging and storage manufacturing company . Held on International Women's Day, the inauguration of the space highlighted not only the company's determination to ensure the well-being of its employees but its inclusive organizational culture as well. Women make up 90 per cent of the workforce at conTeyor’s Căușeni factory, totaling 220 employees. The new playroom and childcare space aim to support female employees in balancing their professional and personal lives, reinforcing the company's commitment to fostering an empathetic and inclusive culture.

Investing in childcare facilities for workplaces is crucial for ensuring women’s financial independence. It helps working mothers balance their professional and personal lives while also encouraging their reintegration into the workforce.

Childcare rooms, Causeni

Another recently renovated space is the Puișorii daycare in public kindergarten no. 7, which was completely refurbished with beds, swings, wardrobes, tables, kitchen facilities and toys. By providing employees with a safe and pleasant environment for their children during work hours, this effort reflects UN Women and Căușeni City Hall’s commitment to supporting working mothers. The measure directly benefits employed mothers and also contributes to the development and well-being of children, providing them with a conducive environment for play and learning in the absence of their parents.

Childcare rooms, Causeni

Dominika Stojanoska, UN Women Moldova’s Country Representative, thanked the Government of Japan and Căușeni City Hall for their support in implementing these projects. "Childcare services are a priority for us, as they benefit both mothers and workforce development in Moldova,” she said. “We continue to focus on creating opportunities for women and developing these services, considering the benefits they bring to the entire community."

His Excellency Yoichiro Yamada, the Ambassador of Japan to Moldova, expressed his profound appreciation for these efforts, remarking on how they will foster development in the local community. "We joyfully support such initiatives and congratulate the team on this outstanding progress,” he said. “We welcome the openness and generosity of the community, which will allow refugees from Ukraine to also benefit from these projects."

During the inauguration of the child-friendly spaces, Căușeni’s mayor, Anatolie Donțu, emphasized the importance of these initiatives, highlighting their necessity in the context of increased demand for places in kindergartens in Căușeni. He explained that this need is exacerbated by the migration of people from neighboring areas to the city, which has contributed to its population growth.

According to data published by the National Bureau of Statistics, the employment rate of women is lower than that of men. This disparity is influenced by various factors, including family responsibilities such as caring for children under age 16. In 2021, the employment rate of women between ages 25 and 49 with at least one child under 16 was 48.3 per cent, while the rate for women without children was 61.8 per cent.

The inauguration of these child-friendly spaces highlights UN Women's determination to support the National Program for Childcare Services for children up to age three by expanding public daycare groups and creating alternative childcare services. The actions were carried out as part of an International Women's Day campaign, under the slogan "Investing in Women to Accelerate Progress." This year's message underscores the importance of investing in women as the foundation for building an inclusive and equitable society.