UN Women opens three childcare centers in northern Moldova to support women and their families


In April 2024, UN Women inaugurated three new childcare centers in northern Moldova, specifically in the cities of Sîngerei, Rîșcani and Glodeni. These initiatives, undertaken in partnership with national and local authorities, the international non-governmental organization Street Child, and with financial support from the Government of Sweden, will help 60 families balance their personal and professional lives.

The childcare center at Foișor kindergarten in Rîșcani, for children between ages one and two, was renovated and equipped due to UN Women’s collaboration with Street Child and financial support from Sweden. Photo: UN Women Moldova/Anya Galatonova

Marina Morozova, member of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, expressed her joy at seeing the country open and renovate more childcare centers. “This is the result of efforts by the Government of Moldova and development partners,” she said. “We thank UN Women and Sweden for creating better conditions for our children and providing greater opportunities for parents, particularly mothers, to reintegrate into the workforce."

Alexei Buzu, Minister of Labor and Social Protection; Marina Morozova, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova; Cristina Virschi, Project Coordinator at Street Child; and Dominika Stojanoska, Country Representative for UN Women Moldova, at the inauguration of a childcare center in Glodeni. Photo: UN Women Moldova/Anya Galatonova

Alexei Buzu, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, emphasized the idea that everyone benefits when countries have more high-quality childcare services. “First and foremost, children benefit by socializing and developing their skills more quickly,” he said. “Additionally, parents can more easily balance family and professional life."

Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova, H.E. Katarina Fried, visits a childcare center in Sîngerei. This daycare is open for children between ages two and three and has been refurbished with the financial support of Sweden. Photo: UN Women Moldova/Anya Galatonova

"Through investments in early childhood care services, Sweden aims to build a more prosperous future and a stronger economic market in the Republic of Moldova,” said H.E. Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova. “This not only provides opportunities for children but also for parents, enabling them to fully integrate into the labour market and contribute to economic growth."

Dominika Stojanoska, the Country Representative of UN Women Moldova, reiterated this idea. "We invest in childcare services with the aim of facilitating the return of parents, especially mothers, to the labour market,” she said. “The lack of daycare facilities is one of the biggest barriers for mothers to (re)enter the workforce and achieve financial independence."  

The Steluța daycare group in Glodeni, open to children between ages two and three, was equipped with beds and other facilities. Photo: UN Women Moldova/Anya Galatonova.

With limited options for childcare, women are often constrained to choosing jobs that offer fewer working hours per week, resulting in lower incomes. More options for early childcare services will provide women with the opportunity to access jobs with higher earning potential.


Alongside expanding public daycare services, and in support of the National Program for Childcare Services 2023-2026, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Law on Alternative Childcare Services in December 2022, with the goal of diversifying services for children under age three.  This law introduced three legal forms of private childcare, contributing to the improvement of childcare services:
•    Workplace childcare services
•    Family-type childcare services
•    Individualized childcare services

The renovation and equipping of childcare centers in northern Moldova involved a total investment of USD $60,000 from UN Women, made possible through financial support from the Government of Sweden, which consistently supports initiatives for women's empowerment and gender equality. Through these initiatives, UN Women Moldova aims to enhance economic opportunities for women and facilitate their access to the labor market, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of communities and society.