Moldova Gender Task Force for the Ukraine Refugee Response: 2023 Year in Review


The Gender Task Force (hereafter referred to as GTF) is a network of actors working to mainstream gender1 across the Moldova refugee response with the aim of ensuring that all persons in the Republic of Moldova (Moldova) affected by the Ukrainian refugee crisis, have equitable access to quality and targeted humanitarian assistance, and can meaningfully participate in an equitable, effective, and efficient response.

The Task Force has been established in April 2022 and is co-chaired by UN Women and the Platform for Gender Equality2 under the framework of the Refugee Coordination Forum and comprises representatives from Government, UN, INGOS and local women’s organizations, including grassroots. It serves as a platform to discuss gender-related issues and considerations in the refugee response and has been active in the areas of coordination, technical support, capacity development, and information sharing as a cross-sector task force under refugee response architecture in Moldova.

This Year in Review highlights the accomplishments achieved by the GTF, acknowledges impact and outlines challenges and ways forward.

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