In the words of Tatiana Ciaglic: "The IT field is complex, and it requires a wide spectrum of visions and opinions. You never know where a good solution will come from."


Over the years, more and more people around the world have been choosing online training for its flexibility and the opportunities it can offer. Online courses are gaining popularity in the Republic of Moldova as well. UN Women invites you to meet Tatiana Ciaglic, the founder of Easy E-learning, a course platform that seeks to develop a learning algorithm that would allow its users to customize studying and training materials to fit their own needs and preferences. Tatiana’s goal is to make the learning process become as efficient and enjoyable as possible. 

Tatiana Ciaglic

Easy E-learning is an idea that I carried with me for many years. I have been in charge of online training since 2013 and have a rich experience in developing courses, from scripting to digitisation and the provision of final services. I aim to create courses that will be adapted to the knowledge, requirements and needs of people who want to gain new skills.

I was a participant of Tekwill’s Startup Academy, where I learned what a startup entails and how it works. After this training programme, my research has taken a more structured path. Subsequently, I participated in other trainings, including XY Academy. All of these helped me understand what steps need to be taken to launch a product on the market.

Now I am in the stage of creating a minimum viable product. I am implementing the course’s training algorithm, which will analyse the participant's interaction with the course content and conduct the training based on that. It is an interesting, complicated thing – and it requires a lot of effort on my part. I am the sole founder of the startup, and in the future I want to create a team to help develop my business further.

I believe that there is still a lot to be done in terms of gender equality. In the Republic of Moldova, women find it more difficult to pursue a career because, being involved in family activities, they cannot dedicate as much time as they want to professional training and career advancement. Another aspect is their inner fear and misconception that it is more difficult for women to work in the IT field. However, this industry is complex, and it requires a wide spectrum of visions and opinions. You never know where a good solution will come from.

I want to tell girls and women not to be afraid to get into the IT field, as it is a very free and open one. You will always find support and help to become a better specialist because companies invest in the skills of employees. When working for an IT company, you have access to many events, courses and resources, and most of the time they are offered for free.

Tatiana is a beneficiary of the pre-acceleration programme for girls and women, implemented with the support of UN Women Moldova and financial support from the Government of Sweden. During the programme, she had the opportunity to interact and receive support from professionals in entrepreneurship, finance, communication, sales and other key areas. This article was developed for International Women's Day, under the theme "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality".