Ten years of UN Women. Ten promoters of Gender Equality from UN Women Moldova

On July 2, 2010, at the United Nations General Assembly, a historic decision was unanimously voted - the establishment of the United Nations agency dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment (UN Women).

Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020

UN Women Turns 10

We want to present to you a part of the UN Women Moldova Team, whose initiatives are increasing the capacities of women from allover the country and aiming to improve their economic opportunities, create equal chances for leadership at all decision levels in political, economic, and public domains as well as to ensure live without violence for all women and girls.


What does it mean for you to be part of UN Women family?


Peterson Magoola, Representative a.i for UN Women Moldova: 

“Working with UN Women for over 7 years has been a great experience particularly counting the gains made in advancing the advocacy agenda for the rights of women and girls.  I see myself at the centre of promoting their rights, not only at a professional level, but also at a personal level. I am obliged to continue challenging the status quo for enabling environment where women and girls to have equal opportunities with men and boys at all levels. This is what we - UN Women team, have always stood for.”


Elena Ratoi, Programme Analyst, joined UN Women in 2014:

“Women and girls, regardless of age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation etc., must have equal opportunities to have a fulfilled life. My greatest satisfaction my job brings to me is to notice how the life of specific women improves, as a result of UN Women’s interventions, how they start to better believe in their forces, how they become more involved in political and civic life, contributing in such a way that things in the country are getting improved.”


Emilia Rusu, Project Associate, joined UN Women in 2014:

“For me, it means being part of a wonderful team, full of enthusiasm, and its mandate became a lifestyle for my family. I believe in a world where Gender Equality is understood and accepted by all, where both women and men have equal opportunities; where women are supported to follow their dreams and can express opinions without being judged by stereotypes; where women can do politics without being judged just by their appearance; where the roles in the family are shared fairly, and fathers are increasingly involved in raising and educating children.”


Svetlana Andries, Programme Specialist, joined UN Women in 2015:

"UN Women has become a lifestyle, by promoting values, mandate and mission in my professional and personal life. It is a unique experience to see how the lives of women and girls is changing positively as a result of collaborating with them. It is wonderful to enjoy the change with women in politics, women entrepreneurs and survivors of violence who are now contributing to a better life for Moldovan women and men."


Lucretia Ciurea, Monitoring and reporting Analyst, joined UN Women in 2015:

"To be part of UN Women family for 5 years means to contribute to the implementation of unfinished agenda of Millennium Declaration on gender equality. Agenda 2030 is under implementation also for 5 years and I am proud to be part of the Team promoting the elimination of gender inequalities and ensuring better and safety life for all women and girls."



Olga Stoler, Coordination Associate, joined UN Women in 2016:


"To be part of the UN Women family means to be part of an ambitious team that strives to shift mindset, behaviors and attitudes of people, so that every woman and man, girl and boy is treated equally and can benefit of the same opportunities."




Nighina Azizov, Programme Analyst, joined UN Women in 2018:


"Being part of UN Women family is cool, exciting and I feel like a piece of immense puzzle: everyone matters and can contribute through her/his own example to making a difference and to ensure that women’s rights are human rights."




Iulia Cerevco, Communications Officer, joined UN Women in 2019:


"My personal values brought me in the UN Women family. Every day being part of this team I am strengthening these values and my professional competences in order to make difference and promote the equality for all women and girls in my country."




Ira Cebotari, Operations Manager, joined UN Women in 2019:

"Working in the UN for many years, gender equality was on my agenda. By becoming a member of the UN Women team, gender equality has become a priority. And even if I have an administrative function, I also measure each action from a gender perspective. When gender equality becomes a filter for our actions in all circumstances, at work and in everyday life, changes occur."



Loredana Muntean, Communication Associate, joined UN Women in 2019:

"For me, the activity within UN Women involves constant challenges, but also an enormous satisfaction due to the fact that, together with my colleagues, we're aiming for the same goals: achieving gender equality, ensuring women's economic independence and enjoying a life without domestic violence. What could be more beautiful than a future with equal rights and no gender stereotypes?"


Happy anniversary, UN Women!