Courageous and passionate: The stories of three women motorcyclists from Moldova


Motorcycling is a passion that proves that the freedom and emotion of driving a motorcycle can be suitable for anyone who wants it. In a field where gender stereotypes and prejudices are common, several women in Moldova are confidently following their passion for motorcycles, proving that they can face any challenge. Today, UN Women invites you to meet three outstanding women in the motorcycling community who have managed to overcome stereotypes. By sharing their personal experiences and advice, Ecaterina David, Tatiana Dormenco and Ecaterina Tiufanova hope to inspire other women with the same enthusiasm for motorcycles. The three motorcyclists are members of the Motoskills ( community, which promotes this hobby among women passionate about motorcycles.

Ecaterina Tiufanova, Tatiana Dormenco și Ecaterina David
Ecaterina Tiufanova, Tatiana Dormenco and Ecaterina David

Although she did not have close friends passionate about motorcycles, Ecaterina Tiufanova met a group of incredible people last summer, who became her friends and with whom she still travels today, as part of Moldova’s motorcycle community. Warmly received, Tiufanova joined this great family who share the same extraordinary passion. 

Tiufanova believes that men and women motorcyclists have become freer, eradicating stereotypes and living norms of the past. She believes there are many benefits and advantages for women who drive motorcycles, and these can positively influence the image of women in society. Thanks to this hobby, women bikers can savor more of their freedom and organize their daily activities in a faster, more efficient way.  

For other women who want to join the motorcycling community, Tiufanova offers an important piece of advice: do not to be afraid of failure or rejection from the community. Women are extremely capable and just need to develop their driving skills, with the support of experienced mentors. 

Tatiana Dormenco, a woman motorcyclist who is a member of the UN Women Moldova team and dedicated to promoting women's economic empowerment, discovered this passion a year ago. For Dormenco, it symbolizes independence and the freedom to live life on her own terms. Driving a motorcycle led to her to discover Moldova’s biker community and meet fascinating, strong, courageous and fearless women. Dormenco was lucky to join the best community and benefit from the support of the Motoskills platform, which is led by the trainer Alexandru Decusara. Together with strong and courageous women, Dormenco found inspiration and support in this community. She encourages other women to pursue their passion for motorcycling, emphasizing the importance of the community and traveling with other motorcyclists for safety. Having noticed more women motorcyclists and the way people are shifting their views on them, Dormenco believes that the image of strong and independent women can influence society’s perception of women in general.  

Ecaterina David, passionate about motorcycling, says that there are people who believe that a woman's place is not on the road. However, she feels lucky to be surrounded by people who support her in this passion. 

Having been driving a motorcycle for just one year, David says that she thinks men, for the most part, show their respect for women motorcyclists. For her, motorcycling brings many benefits, including saving time and space in urban traffic. 

David offers a simple but important piece of advice: really commit to following your dream. The paths are open, and the motorcycling community is there to support every person passionate about this activity. For David, every trip is unique and helps prove that women can do anything. 

Through its work, UN Women contributes to the development of an equal society and encourages the active participation of women in fields traditionally considered masculine, defying gender stereotypes and building an inclusive future.