In the words of Anna Rojelovscaia: “The digital technology is actually a convenient, in-demand field that offers possibilities to both women and men”


After analysing and researching the Moldovan labour market, Anna Rojelovscaia decided to change career paths a few years ago. She went from working as a philology teacher who trained students to a human resources manager and then, finally, migrated to the digital sector. This is how Anna came to be the founder and administrator of X-GEBO Studio, a company that creates commercial 2D and 3D animations for the film industry and different videos, including those used for advertising. Her work involves managing the company and creating content for social media. In this article, Anna tells us about the successes and challenges facing women in Moldova’s digital field.

Anna Rojelovscaia

”In the Republic of Moldova, women are still outnumbered by men in terms of their involvement and activity in the digital field. Women are reluctant to embrace professions related to information technologies because they are either not sure of their skills or are influenced by stereotypes. Indeed, this field requires critical thinking and passion, but you don’t need to be a man to have these skills. My creative nature and previous experience working in human resources, as well as my husband's desire to open an animation studio, encouraged me to take this step. The digital sector has offered me – and still offers me – new opportunities on a daily basis, such as stability and continuous professional development, decent financial remuneration and the possibility to work from home and spend more time with my family.

Working in the digital industry shouldn’t be associated with professional burnout; it is always a good career choice because it offers multiple pathways, especially now that digitalization is spreading at an impressive pace in all sectors. Everything we do and learn develops our personalities. And, in terms of professional retraining, our previous experiences are not lost – they only expand as we gain new skills and knowledge.

I am curious by nature, always ready to learn and discover new things and find solutions to existing problems. The mentoring courses I attended in developing a start-up helped me a lot, especially in communicating with future clients and identifying specialists who would bring added value to my company. Yes, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible either. Through dedication and professionalism, I managed to sign contracts with clients both in the country and abroad. I recently collaborated with an advertising agency in New York, and as part of that contract, I made a 3D animated video for a well-known perfume brand. The video was created using volumetric animation, a technique used to create impressive visual effects. I am proud to say that this video is being broadcast in Times Square, the famous neighbourhood in Manhattan.

My message to women or girls who want to enter the digital field is to not be afraid! Moldova needs women who, through their efforts, can bring about change and contribute to the country's economic recovery. Reconfigure your professional path. Analyse materials and news about the latest technologies. Choose the areas you’re interested in. And be daring!”

Anna is a beneficiary of the pre-acceleration programme for girls and women, implemented with the support of UN Women Moldova and financial support from the Government of Sweden. During the programme, she had the opportunity to interact and receive support from professionals in entrepreneurship, finance, communication, sales and other key areas. This article was developed for International Women's Day, under the theme: “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.