Threads of Perseverance: Olena Shaporova's story


Olena Shaporova, originally from Odesa, Ukraine, found herself uprooted by the ongoing war, compelling her to leave everything behind in search of safety. Arriving in Moldova with her three children, she was resolute in rebuilding her life.

Olena shaporova


Olena had a dream to open a tailoring workshop where she would create beautiful clothing for other women. She had made the first steps to fulfill this dream; she had design patterns picked out and tailoring templates prepared. But when the war started, she had to leave it all behind and seek refuge for herself and her children. They set their eyes on Moldova, and Olena carried her dream with her.

Finding herself in a foreign country, Olena was determined to provide for her family and open the business she so long had worked for. She started an internship at the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Moldova (AFAM) and found a community of women who had dreams just like hers. Through entrepreneurial trainings, she received support in developing a business plan, taking her a significant step closer to making her dream a reality.

Today, Olena is searching for a workspace for her business and exploring partnerships for the marketing of the clothes she will produce. When her business launches, she plans to create two job positions specifically designed for other refugee women, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

While the timeline for her return to Ukraine remains uncertain, Olena stays motivated to see her dream become a reality in Moldova.

Olena Shaporova is a beneficiary of the project "Empowering Women Affected by Crises for a Wealthier and More Stable Society," implemented by the National Council of Young People of Moldova in partnership with AFAM, supported by UN Women, and funded by the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund.