A taste of hope: the inspiring story of Olesea Kolomiets


Olesea Kolomiets is an internationally certified chocolate taster who was running a chocolate factory in Odesa when the war started. Suddenly, she had to leave everything that she worked for behind in the search for safety. She found refuge in Moldova, where she decided to rebuild her dream.


After arriving in Moldova, Olesea’s passion for chocolate never faded. She soon became a member of the Sommeliers Association for Chocolate in Moldova and became the country’s only chocolate sommelier. As a sommelier, she regularly organizes tasting workshops and collaborates with restaurants to create unique gastronomic experiences, from conception to menu creation.

With 22 years of expertise, Olesea extends her support beyond her thriving business. Passionate about fostering entrepreneurship, she aids others in transforming their business ideas into reality. Her close collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs involves guiding them through the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation.

Yearning for a deeper impact, Olesea sought community support from the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova (AFAM). Empowered by AFAM, she initiated a project providing kinesiotherapy and osteopathy to Ukrainian and Moldovan children with special needs. Mobilizing a dedicated team of specialist doctors, she ensured these children received the care they deserved.

Determined to continue her meaningful contributions, Olesea Kolomiets stands as a beacon of inspiration. In the face of challenges and uncertainty, she exemplifies the power of perseverance and determination, motivating others to pursue their entrepreneurial aspiration while giving back to the community.

Olesea Kolomiets is a beneficiary of the project "Empowering Women Affected by Crises for a Wealthier and More Stable Society," implemented by the National Council of Young People of Moldova in partnership with AFAM, supported by UN Women, and funded by the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund.