Mapping of Local CSOs in Refugee Response in Moldova

Mapping of Local CSOs

The collective efforts of Moldovan civil society organizations (CSOs), including women-led organizations (WLOs), women’s rights organizations (WROs), refugee-led organizations (RLOs) and initiative groups (IGs) have been instrumental in addressing the needs and promoting the rights of refugees from Ukraine who have sought protection in Moldova since the escalation of the conflict in February 2022.

Moldovan CSOs have played an important role in supporting and complementing the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, UN agencies and international NGOs, as well as the private sector and private citizens, to provide protection and services to refugees including at border reception points, in main urban centers and throughout the country. Despite their involvement and critical role in the refugee response, there was no comprehensive overview of the CSO ecosystem in Moldova, which left a gap in coordination and synergies critical for an effective humanitarian response.

In late 2022, UN Women and UNHCR commissioned a mapping of all local CSOs supporting the refugee response in Moldova, including WLOs, WROs, RLOs and IGs. The objective was to better understand the landscape of service providers, and to identify existing capacities and opportunities to enhance and support their meaningful engagement and participation in the refugee response.

The resulting report presents key findings and recommendations based on the results of interviews and focus group discussions with 58 Moldovan CSO representatives and front-line professionals carried out in March and April 2023, as well as the results of a survey conducted with almost two hundred CSOs in Moldova from January to February 2023.

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