Women Supporting Women: Enhance Leadership and Resilience of Crisis Affected Women through Community-Based Initiatives

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered the largest movement of refugees in Europe since World War II. As of 1st December 2022, Moldovan authorities have reported over 706,900 arrivals from Ukraine, with over 100,000 Ukrainian citizens and third-country nationals staying in the Republic of Moldova (Moldova). The country has been strongly impacted by the war, which has pushed the country into a triple crisis– refugee, economic and energy.

The region of Transnistria has remained effectively separated from the rest of the country since the end of the armed conflict in 1992 and is not controlled by the government in Chisinau. Moldova's triple crisis, together with the unresolved conflict in the Transnistrian region are negatively affecting the already fragile socio-economic context. Moreover, crises impact women, girls, men and boys of all ages and abilities differently. Their needs and interests differ, as well as their resources, access, capacities and coping strategies.

The 12-month project “Women Supporting Women: Enhance Leadership and Resilience of Crisis-Affected Women Through Community-Based Initiatives” (1 December 2022 – 30 November 2023) will strengthen women’s leadership in fostering dialogue, peacebuilding and social cohesion at the community level on both banks of the river Dniestr/Nistru.

The Congress of Local Authorities from the Republic of Moldova (CALM) and the NGO “Gender- Centru” are implementing project activities on the right bank of the Nistru/Dniester River. The NGO “Center for support and development of civic initiatives – Resonance” is implementing projects on the left bank of the river Nistru/Dniester.

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