Gender sensitive and coordinated service provision in the Republic of Moldova

At the policy level, the goal of the programme is to improve the legislative and normative framework to ensure employment and social protection of women. The resulting laws and policies on labour and social protection will, in fact, promote and facilitate the employment and social protection of women.

At the institutional level, the main goal is to support and develop the capacities of key stakeholders responsible for implementation of policies, which promote and protect women’s rights in employment and social protection areas. In this context, the programme will focus on increasing the capacity of key institutions in the fields of service provision and media. At the local level, the goal of the programme is to improve access  to quality information and services in the areas of employment, social protection, agriculture, land, and small business development. It is planned that the programme will enhance the employability of women, as well as support women in rural and suburban areas to exercise their social and economic rights. The district level was identified as a more effective approach, as there are fewer institutions and resources, and the provision of services is weaker at this level. Therefore, the focus was to create a platform for women in rural and sub-urban areas, allowing them to make more informed decisions, and to facilitate the access to existing resources that directly affect their quality of life.

To increase access to quality information and services at the rural level, UN Women WEE Programme provided conceptual and financial support in the establishment of Joint Information and Services Bureaus (JISBs), piloted in the districts of Singerei, Telenesti, Nisporeni, and Cantemir during 2010 - 2011. The aim of this innovative approach was to bring together in one location the key service providers from public and private sectors, as well as NGO’s, in the area of employment, social protection, selfemployment, SME/business development, land, cadastre and agriculture.

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Gender Sensitive and Coordinated Service Provision In the Republic of Moldova

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Geographic coverage: Europe and Central Asia; Moldova, Republic of

Subject area(s): Gender equality and women’s empowerment

Publication year: 2019