Women from Ukraine and Moldova receive grants to launch and develop small businesses


A total of 21 women, including Ukrainian refugees and women from the Republic of Moldova, now have the opportunity to start and develop their own businesses, thanks to grants offered through the "Women with Vision" project, carried out by UN Women Moldova with financial support from the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund. An event awarding the women their grant certificates took place on 21 November 2023 at Digital Park in Chișinău.

Photo: Courtesy of the Moldova Project

The women received grants ranging from $4,000 to $5,000 USD each, money that they will direct towards starting or developing their own businesses: beauty salons, gyms, children's classes and flower shops, among others.

"The goal has been achieved,” said Dominika Stojanoska, UN Women Moldova’s Country Representative, explaining that the grant will allow most of the project’s beneficiaries to continue implementing their business ideas. “They will start creating these businesses, and they will be able to hire people,” she said. “It is a benefit, not only for them and their families but also for the community."

Photo: Courtesy of the Moldova Project

“This project, first of all, empowers these women,” said Doina Gherman, a Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. “It encourages them to believe in themselves and understand that financial independence wherever they are – at home or abroad – gives them freedom and new possibilities."

The project gave the women access to free courses for several weeks, allowing them to improve their entrepreneurial knowledge. The courses will be available online in the future as well. Now, the women are ready to get to work.

Although their fields of activity and experiences differ, all the participants are determined to succeed.

group photo
Photo: Courtesy of the Moldova Project

"I was far from everything that entrepreneurship means,” said Svetlana Hrybach, a refugee from Ukraine who will start an embroidery business. “I had to learn everything. Everything was new to me: how to pay taxes, how to start a business. I will now have a small cross-stitch business."

Iulia Fedorciukova, a florist from Moldova, explained that this grant is a small but important investment in her big business. She and her team have already invested 20 times as much into her business, and the grant will allow them to improve their space. “We want to expand from 36 square meters to 125 square meters,” she said. “We have something, but we lack machinery, refrigerators and light equipment."

"This project is very useful for each of these women, especially for me and my business,” said Tatiana Marandiuc, a tailor from Moldova. “It will give me the opportunity to purchase a new machine that is quite expensive for us.”

group photo
Photo: Courtesy of the Moldova Project

Irina Mesina, a small business owner from Moldova who runs an electronics school for children, explained her vision: "We want to buy 3D printers and drones because we believe that these technologies are the ones that children really like."

The project “Women with Vision” is being carried out by UN Women Moldova with financial support from the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund.