UN Women Moldova has concluded the “You can too” campaign

During a month, UN Women Moldova presented five exceptional women from the Republic of Moldova, who, despite facing discrimination and violence, were able to overcome the challenges and to inspire other women as well.

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

UN Women Moldova has concluded the “You can too” campaign
The heroines of the ”You can too” campaign. Credit: UN Women Moldova.

The heroines of the “You can too” campaign are women who faced different forms of intersectional discrimination and who, despite the hardships and the boundaries imposed by the society, managed to enjoy their rights.

The first heroine of the campaign is Aliona Lazarenco. She is the first visually impaired person who studied at the State University of Balti and, despite the numerous rejections from employers, managed to build a career at the National Centre for the Information and Rehabilitation of Blind People. Moreover, she is a member of the National Football Team of the Visually Impaired people.


Irina Poverga, the second heroine of the campaign “You can too”, was diagnosed with HIV twenty years ago, but this did not stop her from giving birth to a perfectly healthy child and to become a source of inspiration for others. For several years, Irina Poverga is defending the rights of mothers and children diagnosed with HIV.

Irina Smirnova, the third heroine of the campaign, was a subject of domestic violence for two years. With the help of her friends, she managed to break the vicious circle and to start a new life. Now she has a new place to live and enjoys a peaceful life with her two children.


Veronica Romanciuc is the teacher that had to leave her workplace due to her age. Meanwhile, the woman managed to find other ways to keep her career moving forward and to prove that age is not a burden or a drawback.


Finally, Silvia Feraru is the heroine who showed that every woman, regardless of her ethnic background, can accede and become an important part of the society she lives in. Being discriminated because she was part of the Roma community, Silvia Feraru had the courage to break the stereotypes and to become a community mediator, and now she is defending the rights of the people of this ethnicity.


Watch below a compilation of the 5 stories of these women who, through their example, showed they can!


The Campaign was created by UN Women Moldova and financed by Sweden.