Click for Gender Equality Media Programme has officially kicked off


Journalists Training
Credit: UN Women Moldova/ Katerina Shosheva

25 journalists from online, print and TV media from Moldova learn about gender equality, gender-sensitive language, sexism, feminism, harassment, preventing and combating violence against women, as well as on how to reflect on gender equality issues. Journalists were selected following an open competition, based on their personal motivation and experience.

Training is the first stage of the "Click for gender equality" Media Programme, launched by UN Women Moldova and the Association of Independent Press, in August 2018.

Nina Orlova, program specialist of UN Women Moldova, stayed: "Thank you for accepting to take part in this program dedicated to the journalists from Moldova. We launched this program, because we believe that the media play a crucial role in our everyday lives. And these trainings come to provide new knowledge in the field of gender equality and women's rights. You are the voice of the country, which fights for respect of justice, truth and human rights, including gender equality."

Trainings journalists Click
Credit: UN Women Moldova/ Katerina Shosheva

Petru Macovei, executive director of the Association of Independent Press, said: “Gender equality is not just about women, it is about balance between women and men. It is important for each of us to understand this. But, unfortunately, patriarchal mentalities still persist in our society, and journalists, as opinion-makers, should be involved in changing these mentalities. Journalists shall promote people's rights, and gender equality is a fundamental right."

After completing the trainings, the participants will have the opportunity to present, within a competition, their journalistic materials that reflect gender equality. The winners will be announced during an award ceremony, and some of them will benefit from a study visit to one of the European Union countries.

The “Click for Gender Equality” Media Programme is carried out at the initiative of UN Women Moldova, in cooperation with the Association of Independent Press and with financial support of the Swedish Government.