A new edition of "Discover Modova's Finest" brought together representatives of Diplomatic Missions, entrepreneurs and fashion designers from the Republic of Moldova


Reaching its fourth edition, the project "Discover Moldova's Finest", launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration as a platform for increasing the visibility of "Made in Moldova" products on foreign markets and identifying new destinations for export, brought together Heads of Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Moldova and business women from our country. The event organised in partnership with UN Women Moldova, with the financial support of Sweden, offered a real chance to the participating entrepreneurs to establish direct contacts with Ambassadors of the Republic of Moldova - who are also promoters of products #MadeInMoldova abroad.

Discover Moldova's Finest
"Discover Moldova's Finest” project, IV edition. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, says: "I am glad that this time as well, through the "Discover Moldova's Finest" project, we managed to promote the most authentic products and create new export opportunities. I note that the number of companies that express interest in participating in this project is constantly growing. Thus, we decided, this time, to expand the spectrum of products presented at the event. I would like to thank the UN Women team for the support provided to the MFAEI initiatives for the empowerment of women, as well as to the local authorities from Hancesti district for hosting this event."

Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden in Chisinau, declared: ”The format of the event is to be appreciated as it gives the opportunity to local producers to promote their products by presenting them to the diplomatic missions from the Republic of Moldova. It is especially appreciated that at this edition women entrepreneurs promote their authentic products to this community which is an excellent promoter and could contribute to their development. Extension and expansion of the support for women local producers is imperative, as the pandemic and ongoing economic crisis worsened the gender inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in social, political, and economic systems, but also have affected women, and especially women entrepreneurs to a greater extent. We strongly believe that by helping women develop their own businesses, create jobs for themselves and the others, we help these women boost their self-esteem, grow their incomes, become financially independent and invest in their families and communities.”

"Within the UN Women portfolio dedicated to supporting and empowering women economically, we are advocating for the eradication of barriers faced by entrepreneurs at the beginning of the way in launching a business. At the same time, we make an effort to strengthen the capacities of these women through acceleration, pre-acceleration programs, qualification and requalification training sessions, but also mentoring - interventions that facilitate a better positioning on the local market, but also externally. Thanks to the financial support provided by Sweden, we can invest in moldovan women to access better opportunities and living conditions." - Svetlana Andries, UN Women Moldova programme specialist, mentioned.

Discover Moldova's Finest
"Discover Moldova's Finest” project, IV edition. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

On August 18, 2022, the project "Discover Moldova's Finest" brought together representatives of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Moldova, the Governor of ATU Gagauzia, Mrs. Irina Vlah, ambassador of Sweden in Chisinau, HE Katarina Fried, of UN Women Moldova programme specialist, Svetlana Andries, entrepreneurs, presidents of specialized associations.

Due to the increased interest of the companies to be part of the "Discover Moldova's Finest" project, at the 4th edition, in addition to the agro-food products, which were traditionally present at the previous editions of the project, pieces of clothing and accessories of young designers were exhibited. Among the participating companies were: Les Perles, Lurity, C'est Cher, Brașoveanka, Chika Clothes, Anastasia Posh, Lenivets, KnotBee, Moft, Lefrucom, FrigoDorAgro, Roada Domneasca, Consult LC, Azamet Pro, Alter Ego Winery and Hincesti Winery.

Discover Moldova's Finest
"Discover Moldova's Finest” project, IV edition. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration


Clothing and accessories designers are beneficiaries of business support programs, implemented in collaboration with UN Women Moldova and funded by Sweden:

  • Cristina Cazacu, founder of "Chika Clothes" - clothes created with passion for art and proudly manufactured in Moldova. The brand proposes for sale: T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and personalized suits with embroidered motifs;
  • "C'est Cher" is represented by two talented entrepreneurs: Ludmila Secher and Ana Caraus, participants and winners of the first pre-acceleration program Women’s Entrepreneurship. C'est Cher creates shirts with laconic and stylish design, suitable for various occasions;
  • Irina Brasoveanu, the founder of the "Brașoveanka" brand, creates special collections of hand-painted clothes. The Brașoveanka project was born from homesickness, after Irina lived abroad for 12 years;
  • Svetlana Lenivteva, founder of "Lenivets", is a mother who combines maternity leave with the development of her own business. Svetlana creates vaporous and comfortable summer dresses, as well as swimsuits;
  • Anastasia Postolachi, the founder of the "Anastasia Posh" brand, highlights the refined accents. The combination of simplicity and elegance, fabrics and small details make every piece of clothing timeless;
  • Carabetchi Ana and Iamboglo Alina, two sisters united by the same passion, gave birth to the "Lurity" brand, making jewelry with flowers and natural plants. The raw material used grows in abundance on the fields, forests and gardens of Moldova, and is transformed into true works of art;
  • Mila Jarcuţchii and Victoria Maxim represent the "Les Perles" brand and offer women unique collections of necklaces, earrings, rings, hand and leg bracelets. The local brand Les Perles produces jewelry only from natural pearls, offers consultations on how natural pearls can be distinguished from artificial ones and on how the quality of an authentic pearl can be assessed.
Discover Moldova's Finest
Alter Ego Winery, entrepreneur: Natalia Efros. "Discover Moldova's Finest”, IV edition. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

The current edition of the project "Discover Moldova's Finest" was organized at the Manuc Bey Historical-Architectural Complex, a special tourist destination of our country.