Boosting business environment for developing childcare alternative solutions

The Moldovan labour market is characterized by considerable gender differences in terms of labour force placement, salaries and unpaid work, which reflect negatively predominantly on women. In the past years a number of provisions aiming at facilitating the access for parents to the labour market have been adopted at the national level. However, parents still face different difficulties in benefiting from new amendments. The main reason is the small number of institutions offering early childhood education.


UN Women

Thus, a recent study conducted by UN Women, together with “Partnership for Development” center (PDC), “How do we contribute to creating parent-friendly workplaces? 4 childcare services, which can be offered by employers” has identified that in order to improve the quality of employment and of women’s incomes, there is a need for increasing the quality and access to childcare services. After having analyzed the national legal framework, as well as the international experience, the authors of the study have shaped 4 alternative childcare options, which come to ensure a balance between the needs of employees having children under the age of 3 and the needs of employers.

In this context, UN Women, in partnership with AmCham Moldova and with financial support from Sweden, have organized an event entitled “Boosting business environment for developing alternative childcare solutions”. The aim of the event was to initiate discussions on the importance of alternative childcare solutions and the necessity of having incentives for companies to integrate into economic cycle parents who have taken maternity or paternity leave. 

“There is a problem in our society, and we have to fully address it, involving the Government and the Ministry of Education to develop nursery services, as well as involving employers, by creating these alternative child care services, maybe at workplace or maybe in private institutions, with facilitated methods for employers to finance child care, nursery tickets or other solutions. The ministry is fully engaged in these processes, we would like to promote family-friendly policies, children to boost the returning of their parents to work if they want this.” Mr Marcel Spatari, the Minister of Labour and Social Protection, mentioned.

Her excellency, Katarina Fried, the Ambassador of Sweden stated “Gender equality is a fundamental principle, according to which everyone, regardless of gender, has the right to work and support themselves, and to have a balance between career and family life. On national level, this principle is also laying the ground for the Swedish economic development, ensuring a good employment rate among men and women. Investing in equal rights and opportunities is not only the right thing to do but is also the smart thing to do, both for people of the country and for the country as a whole.”

“Childcare alternative solutions are a very important element of the development of the country. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the main reason preventing women from entering labour market, get a job or advance their careers, was the insufficiency of childcare institutions in the country. Thus, we need to identify solutions because the exclusion of women from labour market stops their economic empowerment, leading to the loss of human capital, which would contribute to the development of the country.” Dominika Stojanoska, UN Women Country Representative, said.

“The business community of Moldova has been talking about this problem for many years, seeing it as the main obstacle for business growth, as well as economic growth in general – it is the lack of human resources. It is very important that social infrastructure and the availability of childcare services further develop to facilitate access for parents to labour market. Although the best option would be the availability of certain qualitative public services, we believe that private sector would be able to significantly contribute to offering alternative childcare options for employees, having available attractive fiscal incentives.” Mila Malairau, AmCham Executive Director, declared.

The study “How do we contribute to creating parent-friendly workplaces? 4 alternative childcare services, which can be offered by employers” is available here in Romanian.

The event is available on UN Women Moldova  Facebook page.