Tatiana Cebanenco: This assistance came in a difficult period for me

Tatiana Cebanenco is 22 years old and lives in Tiraspol, in the Transnistrian region. After geting divorced, she has to care alone of her kid who is just 3 years old. She says that because of restrictions related to the pandemic her budget suffered a lot. Especially now, when she does not have a stable job. But still she wants to resume her studies this year, to finally become a teacher.

Date: Monday, June 28, 2021

Tatiana Cebanenco. Credit: UN Women Moldova

As many other vulnerable families on the left bank of the Nistru river, some months ago, Tatiana Cebanenco benefited from assistance provided by UN Women Moldova. Among products of first need offered within this initiative, the beneficiaries received food packages, hygiene products and personal protection equipment.

„This assistance came in a very difficult period for me. I had no job and almost no money. These packages, in fact, saved us”, Tatiana states.

Her financial situation was, indeed, a precarious one, as it is stated by her.

„We are still using those products. We did not use all of them on the first day. Those packages saved us, as during that period we had not so many food products”, the beneficiary from Tiraspol says.

„I would like to thank all people who got involved to help us. I benefited from support, including moral support”, Tatiana States.

Tatiana Cebanenco. Credit: UN Women Moldova

The beneficiary from the left bank of Nistru river also added that „Maybe this support may seem trivial or simple to somebody but I would like to say that it is not true at all. For those who have difficulties, this lent hand was a saving. For me personally it was very helpful. A kid needs not just meat or vegetables, it is important for a kid to eat groats, and I found them in the packages”, Tatiana said.

In order to improve the situation caused by the pandemic and in the context of the initiatives and views adopted within the 2030 Agenda, UN Women Moldova and OHCHR Moldova, with financial support from Austrian Development Agency (ADA) from Austrian Development Cooperation funds, via „United Nations Response and Recovery Multi-Partner Trust Fund”, provided support to 4100 people from vulnerable groups,  by distributing first need products.