#YOUthdemand: A new edition of Gender Debates Café organized by UN Women Moldova

On March 29, at 14:00, UN Women Moldova will organize a new edition of Gender Debates Café in the context of the Generation of Equality Forum in Mexico which takes place between March 29 – 31, 2021.

Date: Sunday, March 28, 2021

The event, which will take place online, will have as guests people active in their communities and people involved in promoting gender equality and participation of women in decision-making processes in their society. Thus, the guests of this edition are:

  • Anastasia Suslov, Activist and Founder of Fridays for Future, Balti
  • Petru Grecu, Director of the Chisinau Municipal Youth Center
  • Romanița Rădița, Member of the Local Youth Council from Drochia
  • Zahari Dolomanji, Director of the Axis Youth Center, "Youth of Gagauzia" NGO

The activists invited to the event will discuss the importance of effective involvement in processes that influence the development of society and in decision-making processes that directly affect all marginalized voices, minorities, risk groups and the lives of girls and women in the context of a pandemic-affected world.

This is demonstrated by numerous studies showing that women are still part of the group that performs unpaid work, are paid less than men and are more often engaged in front-line jobs. At the same time, it is expected for women to perform emotional labor and unpaid work in their households and society at large.

In this context, the discussions will be aligned with the pressing topics discussed at the Generation Equality Forum, which will take place from the 29th to 31st of March 2021, in Mexico. Through this event, UN Women aims to bring forward young people who are or want to become activists in the field of gender equality, offering them a platform for creating lasting bonds with like-minded advocates who are promoting these values.

The event is planned to take place on the Zoom platform and it will be held in Romanian and Russian, with English translation. All people interested in watching the event can do so on the UN Women Moldova Facebook page and privesc.eu.