200 First-Mandate Women Councillors Will Be Able to Attend a Training Program in the Area of LPA and Gender Equality

The CONTACT Centre, in partnership with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (UN Women) launched a capacity building program in the area of good governance, human rights and gender equality, dedicated to 200 first-mandate women councillors.

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The organizers of this Program pursue the development of community leader skills of women councillors at local and district level and the broadening of their knowledge about how the local public administration (LPA) works, about the formation of gender and human rights responsive local budgets, about raising funds for community-based initiatives and other skills typical of the councillor position. 

The first session of the training program, June 17, 2020. Photo: UN Women

The women councillors were greeted by Svetlana Andries, Program Officer at UN Women Moldova, who remarked that as long as 52% of the Moldovan population consists of women, it is absolutely normal and fair that at least 50% of these women represent us in politics and take part in decision-making. “I’d like to urge you to try to establish support groups and women’s networks starting today, without waiting for electoral campaigns. These support groups could facilitate the advocacy efforts for both gender equality and the human rights agenda in the Republic of Moldova. Together we aim to help eliminate gender stereotypes and reduce persistent phenomena in our society, including gender-based violence, which is at a very high level, as counselors have a crucial role in ensuring a good and inclusive governance at the local level" – added Svetlana Andries

Serghei Neicovcen, Head of the CONTACT Centre, also spoke about the need for such a program in Moldova, highlighting that this program is meant to build the professional capacity of women councilors and to help them have a better understanding of how important their implication in decision-making at local level is. “We’d like that more women follow your example of political, social and civic participation, when they see how active and brave you are, and increase thus the number of women in decision-making. For this purpose, CONTACT Centre will invest all efforts required to develop an interesting program tackling your professional challenges and questions”, he said 

In the next months, the 200 selected women councilors will participate in both theoretical and practical activities. After the trainings, a contest meant to select 15 civic initiatives addressing gender inequalities will be performed. The contest will address the gender inequality issues raised by the programme participants, the implementation of which will be financially and methodologically supported by the CONTACT Centre. 

The capacity building program is implemented by CONTACT Centre in partnership with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and financed by Sweden.