Today’s boy is tomorrow’s man! UN Women Moldova launched the video spot on Positive Masculinity

Date: Sunday, December 15, 2019

Who said men never cry, wear only blue, grey and black clothes, can’t bake pies or cook soup, can’t braid daughter’s hair or change son’s diapers in the middle of the night; embroidery, sewing or ironing is not for men, a man cannot do what he wants?

Today’s boy is tomorrow’s man!

Break the stereotypes that can ruin his life, suppress his emotions and move him away from what makes him truly happy!

Through this video, we aim to promote positive masculinity and diminish gender stereotypes that persist in our society.

This spot was conceptualized within a co-creation session with the participation of men activists in the field of human rights promotion in the Republic of Moldova, including journalists, priests, police representatives, and representatives of civil society.

The video was produced together with “Media Alternativa” NGO and financed by Sweden.