Winners of “Click for Gender Equality” contest have been awarded for their merits in promotion of gender equality

UN Women Moldova and the Association of Independent Press (API) have awarded journalists who address gender issues professionally. The award ceremony took place within the Media Forum 2019, organized during 4-5 November.

Date: Monday, November 4, 2019

Winners of “Click for Gender Equality” contest, 2019 | Credit: Association of Independent Press

The winners were selected as a result of a public contest where journalists and photojournalists from the print media, radio, TV, online media submitted their journalistic materials that tackle gender equality issues.

Journalistic materials published during 25 October 2018 – 15 October 2019 were accepted into three categories - print and online media, audio-visual media and photojournalism. The applications were evaluated by a jury of gender equality and media experts and civil society representatives, on the basis of a number of criteria and gender equality principles.  

Doina Stimpovschii, winner of the main prize in the press and online media category | Credit: Association of Independent Press

Thus, in the press and online media category, the main prize went to Doina Stimpovschii from media portal, the second place was awarded to Cristina Cucos from, and the third prize was offered to Alina Andronache, author of the video blog “Vlogul unei Mame Feministe”.

In the audio-visual media category (TV and radio), the top media professionals awarded for being sensible to gender equality issues are the following: first place – Olga Stăvilă, journalist on Radio Moldova, second place - Elena Derjanschi, reporter on Prime TV channel and the third place went to Ana Sarbu, reporter on TV8 channel.

Olga Stăvilă, winner of the main prize in the audio-visual category (TV and Radio) | Credit: Association of Independent Press

“The first thing that I want to mention is that sexism exists not only in advertising, it also exists in journalistic products as well as in legislation. Today, 14% of women have lower salaries then man and 20,5% of women receive lower pensions compared to men. So, we still do have things to work on. And the second thing I wanted to mention is that even with three kids, a woman still can succeed - said one of the winners, Ms. Olga Stavilă, Radio Moldova.

Dmitrii Vosimeric, winner of the main prize in the photography category | Credit: Association of Independent Press

Also, awards for the best photos from the perspective of gender equality went to Dmitrii Vosimeric from the Defense Ministry's Media Center (first place), Ecaterina Alexandr from Ziarul de Gardă (second place) and to Dinu Rusu from (third place).

At the end of the awarding ceremony Mr. Adam Amberg, head of Development Cooperation, Embassy of Sweden congratulated winners of the contest. He emphasized that “Media plays significant role in destroying stereotypes and in challenging social norms that condone discrimination and violence against women. Media are influential actors and essential partners to advance gender equality agenda because they really influence the way women and men roles and their contributions to social, political and economic life are perceived by the public. We appreciate media efforts in advancing and promoting gender equality in their products and see a continued need for ensuring the gender sensitive storytelling. We encourage journalists to continue their efforts dedicated to ensuring more equal representation in media products.”

The winners of each category received the “Click for Gender Equality” trophy, a bronze statuette representing gender equality and all the contest finalists received valuable prizes.

As well, in the frames of Media Forum 2019 media representatives took part in the side event offered by UN Women Moldova where Ms. Olga Nicolenco, gender expert, conducted an interactive workshop for journalists under the topic ” If you have a good product, you don't need sexism to sell it. How is your product?" 

The national contest "Click for gender equality" 2019, was organized at the initiative of UN Women Moldova, in collaboration with the Association of Independent Press and funded by Sweden.