UN Women Moldova and the Association of Independent Press (API) announce the second edition of contest for journalists from Moldova

The contest is open to all journalists and photojournalists of print, broadcast and online media outlets registered in the Republic of Moldova, who address topics related to gender equality and/or promotion of women`s rights.


Media Contest
Deadline for submission of the applications is October 16, 2019.

Contest categories

The contest will have three categories:

  1. Print and online media
  2. TV/radio broadcasts
  3. Photography

Each candidate can submit up to three journalistic materials for one or more categories of the contest. All entries must have been published, broadcasted or have appeared in a media outlet for the first time between 25th of October 2018 and 15th of October 2019.

Will be accepted journalistic materials (written articles, audio and visual reports, photos) which demonstrate gender awareness and challenges inequalities, injustices or stereotypes, treats men and women equally and promotes advancement of their rights.

Criteria for judging

The applications will be reviewed by a committee of 5 people, including representatives of UN Women, civil society, gender and media experts based on the following criteria.

1. For journalistic materials:

a) journalist’s approach to the subject – it will be assessed whether the report is objective, balanced, consulting female and male interviewees, whether the report is affirmative, does it challenge social prejudices and stereotypes and affirms women’s and girl's rights, does it bring innovation or new perspectives, and does it use politically correct terminology and gender sensitive language;

b) complexity of the topic and collection of data – it will be assessed the number of consulted interviewees and sources of information, does the report deeper analyse and examine the context, problem itself and collected data, does it explore social impact and impact on the lives of individuals, brings any comparative analysis.

c) public impact or benefit of the report – whether the report offered viable solution to a social challenge addressed or resulted in any social or institutional action;

d) quality and technical production – whether the report has clear structure, language and conclusions, whether it is accompanied by effective, attractive and/or innovative graphics and photographs (all categories), or creatively uses sounds and audio effects (audio reporting category) and meets technical and quality standards in recording, editing and final production (both audio and visual categories).

2. Photography:

In the category of photography, both technical and content criteria will be taken into consideration.

Technical criteria include: sharpness, contrast, lighting, use of colour, composition on the photograph.

Content criteria include:

a) Message – it will be assessed whether the photo clearly illustrate the subject and to what extent the message can be clearly recognized.

b) Emotion – it will be assessed if the photo causes an emotional response or a reaction of the viewer.

c) Relevance – it will be assessed to what extent the photo is relevant to promotion of gender equality and the rights of women in the media. Does it challenge social prejudices and stereotypes and affirms women’s and girl's rights, does it bring innovation or new perspectives? Does it expose and address gender inequalities, gender-based discrimination and violation of related human rights?

d) Public impact or benefit of the photo – whether the photo was further re-published, caused any feedback from the public, resulted in any follow up social or institutional action.

The award will take place during the Awards Gala at the Media Forum 2019 (November 4-5, 2019), and to winners will be offered valuable prizes.

The complete application contains:

  1. The copy of the printed, audio or visual material and the link to article/video;
  2. A letter that states that all the information in the entry is correct and accurate;
  3. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant.

Note: In the submission of materials for the contest, the applicant will indicate the contest category in which they participate.

The applications will be sent to the following email address: [ Click to reveal ] until October 16, 2019 at 18.00.

Contact person: Rodica Malic, API Project Coordinator, email: [ Click to reveal ], phone number: 022 21 06 02.

The contest takes place under the “Click for Gender Equality” Media Program, carried out at the initiative of UN Women Moldova, in cooperation with the API, and financed by Sweden. The first edition of the competition was held in 2018.