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Kamilla Pivovarenko is a 15-year-old girl from the city of Dnepr, Ukraine who fled the war with her mother and came to the Republic of Moldova. As part of a project through the MilleniuM Training and Development Institute, Pivovarenko performed in the charity show "Stories through Stones," along with other young refugees. Since coming to Moldova, she has continued to be involved in various creative activities that can change the world for the better.
Since UN Women, through its mandate, promotes the “Women, Peace and Security” Agenda and encourages women’s participation in decision-making processes, we spoke to Jana Costachi on the International Day of Peace about her experience supporting refugees and peacekeeping processes.
Ageism is an issue of inequality, discrimination, and injustice. Without tackling it, we will not achieve gender equality by 2030. Ageism impacts everyone - young and old. Prejudices surrounding age are widespread and unchallenged - in our attitudes, beliefs, policies, and societies - and create a formidable barrier to young women’s full participation in their communities.